Units of Cromwell European REIT commenced trading in Singapore Dollars ('S$') in addition to Euro ('€') on Monday, 16 April 2018.

For the avoidance of doubt, the trading name and stock codes of the Euro counter and the S$ counter are as follows:

Trading currency Trading name Stock code

Euro ('€')

Cromwell REIT EUR


Singapore dollar ('S$')

Cromwell REIT SGD


As per information available on the SGX website, dual currency trading on SGX is available for selected securities counters, offering investors an option to trade in two different currencies. There is no new offer of shares. The investors can use their existing securities account to trade the dual currency counters. As the shares/units holdings are custodised in a consolidated pool at the depository, the investors can buy one currency counter and sell in the other currency counter.

For more information on dual currency trading, please refer to the latest information and FAQs on the SGX website.