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Institutional Investor 2021 All-Asia Executive Team - vote for Cromwell European REIT

Voting in Institutional Investor’s 2021 Asia (ex-Japan) Survey has begun yesterday. Starting from this year, nominating at least one listed company and rating / voting for the CEO, CFO & Investor Relations section is a prerequisite (mandatory), before eligible voters are given access to the sell-side analyst voting.

We at the Manager of Cromwell European REIT very much support this new feature; small and active IR teams like ours increasingly rely on independent feedback to improve their engagement with the sell side and the buy side. If you are from the buy-side or the sell-side and liked Cromwell European REIT’s Manager team and our IR engagement this year, please will nominate us and rate us favourably in all the relevant categories.

Your recognition means a lot, especially this year. All votes are anonymous and confidential. Polling continues until February 5.

To request for a ballot and participate in the survey, please go to:

Thank you for your support,
The Manager of Cromwell European REIT

Our investors are at the forefront of everything we do.

The Manager is committed to ensuring that CEREIT meets expectations of good corporate governance and sustainable business practices while seeking to achieve superior investor performance over the medium and long term.

The Board and the Manager are both proactive with respect to corporate governance and actively review developments to determine which corporate governance arrangements are appropriate for CEREIT and its investors.

The Code of Corporate Governance 2018 is adopted as the REIT's benchmark for corporate governance policies and practices.